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Dell Inspiron One (All In One) 23 System Review

Out of all the systems we have reviewed this year, the Dell Inspiron One (AIO) 23 is actually the one which has impressed me most. Although they are unlikely to admit it, Dell have clearly taken the concept of the Apple iMac as the foundation for this computer and have added their own personal touch to the finished product.

When Dell called me a few weeks ago to offer me the system for review I found my mental state somewhere between curiosity and skepticism. The only time I have considered using a touchscreen has been with my iPad or in the doctors waiting surgery for check in purposes. I certainly don’t want fingerprints all over the monitor I use for work during the day.

I wouldn’t say my opinion on this has changed completely, but I have seen my (technologically inept) parents use the system and feel immediately more at home than when using a mouse. A young child might also find this computer a much more interactive way of dealing with media games and content, although you may end up cleaning jam and milk from the screen on a regular basis.

From my own perspective, I used a mouse and keyboard most of the time, however I did enjoy playing strategy games such as Plants V Zombies and Puzzle Quest in the evening via the touchscreen. It was like using a 23 inch iPad, which is certainly not a bad feeling. Being the anal retentive person I am however, I always needed a high quality cloth at hand to clean up after my mess.

On a hardware level the Intel Core i3 processor and AMD graphics solution are a well balanced combination. The system is responsive and very capable of handling an array of tasks that we threw at it. Over the course of weeks, I made sure to try everything I could. Rendering is a little painful, but anyone seriously into this sector will already have a Core i7 970 or 980x. One of these processors costs more than this system combined, so as always, it depends on the depth of your bank balance.

As an all round computer for a family environment, The Inspiron One (AIO) 23 is as good a system as I have used. There are no weaknesses and the screen technology really will attract family members who don’t normally touch a computer.

You can customise your own at Dell Inspiron One (All In One) 23, over here.

KitGuru says: A computer for the whole family? Look no further.

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Rating: 9.0.

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