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Dell Inspiron One (All In One) 23 System Review

Rating: 9.0.

Whether you like them or not, Dell have been working hard to reinvent themselves lately with some very interesting and exciting releases. We have reviewed many of their products in the last 6 months and have often been impressed – particularly with their screen technology and Dell Streak smartphone running Google Android.

Today we are looking at their Inspiron One (All In One) 23 system with a mid range configuration at only £679 inc vat – this features a 1080p touch screen panel and a THX Certified sound system.

Will this make an ideal Christmas present for yourself, a partner or a family member? Read our analysis today to make an informed decision.

The system we are reviewing is based around the 32nm Intel Core i3-370M processor which is clocked at 2.4ghz and only consumes a maximum of 35W of power. AMD supply the graphics, with a 1GB Mobility Radeon HD5470 onboard, which should be capable of delivering decent real world performance. Rounding out the specification is a 750GB hard drive and a generous 4GB of DDR3 1333mhz memory.

We have spent the last two weeks testing this system under a variety of conditions and today we present our indepth analysis.

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  • Tim

    Christ that must have taken quite a long time to handle that review Zardon. I thought this system would have sucked, but the information, testing and videos really painted a good all round picture. Its really very impressive. id go for this over an Imac anyday. (well apart from the 2560 resolution version!)

  • Joseph

    PLANTS V ZOMBIES OMFG ! I need to get this machine, just for that awesome game !!!

  • Henry LeBatt

    You seem to like Dell products here, ive never owned one, but some of your reviews make me consider some of their products. this looks really great, have to say.

  • Thomas

    This is like a cheap imac with a touchscreen. cant be bad to that. sound quality really impressed me from that video even via a little camera.

  • Colin McDonagle

    I read another review of this last week and was sold then, im doubly sold now. just need to get the cash together for my son in the new year. its not too expensive really, but funds are tight at this time of the year. he will love it. great article thanks.

  • Vinnie

    That was such a great read, seriously. I dont think I could live with a touchscreen, i get annoyed with even a hair on my screen, nevermind slimmy fingerprints all over it.

    Hey reviewer, clean your hands, that screen was minging ! 😉

  • Tri Color

    I always buy Dell laptops. they might be bland, but they last forever. well mine always have.

  • Larry

    Well I gotta point out that I dont think ive seen Dell ever get a bad review here, but after reading this, it would be hard to say it sucked, so much evidence in favour of the product. I think it looks really good, but it will take more than this to make me love dell. nice review however.

  • Manky

    Heh, this is great for a family. I could see the whole family sitting around this having a laugh at the weekends. Nice one Dell thumbs up.

  • DaVeRox

    Hey what handheld camera are you using? thats some serious sharpness considering. I need one of them for my own projects. what is it ? pic info shows a Nikon D300S on the images? you using that for videos? if so, im shit outta luck, that costs a fortune.

  • Tech Head

    Dell normally make me go ‘bleh’, but they might have a winner here. looks very well priced. hard to beat that for the price. core i3 would be enough really, 180 quid extra for the i5 and more memory seems pointless.

  • Adrian

    Very interesting and well documented article indeed. As Dell agents didn’t know, maybe you could tell me which Inspiron One 23 models have the HDMI/VGA/composite ports, please. Only the £879 one? I believe mentioning it in the article would be very useful (at least it would help me very much).

    Thank you.

  • Siva Praneeth

    Very good review .
    I appreciate the work done.

    I have a small doubt regarding this product,
    Is Dell AIO useful for softwares like Auto Cad , Solid Works, and MATLAB