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Dell Inspiron One (All In One) 23 System Review

We are now going to test the USB 2.0 speed, so we used the fastest drive we have, the Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 128GB, which is an Toshiba based SSD product within a USB 3.0 capable enclosure.

Obviously as there are no USB 3.0 ports on the Dell Inspiron we won’t be reaching anywhere near the limitations of the drive, but at least we will be sure that the final results are due to the ports, not the source.

We used a folder 80.2GB folder of Steam Games – moving it between the Kingston SSD to the internal 7,200 rpm 750GB drive.

USB 2.0 performance is solid, and much in line with what we would expect. peaking just under 35 MB/s and averaging between 27MB/s and 32 MB/s. Obviously with a massive folder of mixed file sizes the speeds drop, but this is to be expected, especially with lower seek times on mechanical drives.

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