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Sony cuts the price of the PS4 by $50

Sony has a tough holiday season ahead of it. Microsoft's Xbox One has been slowly gaining popularity over the year and while Sony still has a lead in terms of PS4 sales, it doesn't have a lot of first party titles on offer this Christmas, leaving Microsoft to lure people in with Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. In order to stay on top, Sony is cutting the price of its console down by $50.

The lower price comes in to effect from tomorrow (the 9th of October) so from tomorrow onwards, the PS4 will cost $349.99, rather than $399.99. This makes the PS4 cheaper than the Xbox One once again, after Microsoft closed the price gap last year.


Right now, it isn't known if Microsoft has a price cut planned to counter this, though the company may just rely on its strong software lineup to push hardware sales for the next few months. Sony's next big exclusive title is Uncharted 4, which doesn't release until March next year.

Details on a price cut in the UK aren't yet available, so for now, this lower price is US only until we are notified otherwise. As always though, be on the look out for deals around this time of year, retailers put together some decent bundles from time to time.

KitGuru Says: Many PC gamers like to have a console handy for the exclusives, so if you're looking forward to any of Sony's exclusives, then it may be worth shopping around for a PS4 following this price cut. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft goes on the counter, though in my opinion it doesn't necessarily need to with its games lineup for the next few months. 

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