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Sony likely won’t be releasing a PS Vita successor

While Nintendo still seems to be flourishing in the handheld games market, Sony has been struggling ever since it left the PSP behind. While the PSP dominated, its successor, the Vita has struggled and game developers just aren’t that interested in the device.

As a result, we probably won’t be seeing Sony launch a successor to the Vita as Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida believes that the current gaming market is “not healthy” for the handheld platform. Obviously a big part of this is due to the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets.


Yoshida’s comments were made at the Eurogamer Expo last week. When asked about a potential PS Vita 2, he responded: “That’s a tough question. People have mobile phones and it’s so easy to play games on smartphones. And many games on smartphones are free, or free to start. I myself am a huge fan of PlayStation Vita and we worked really hard on designing every aspect. Touch-based games are fun–there are many games with really good design. But having sticks and buttons make things totally different.”

Right now, the PlayStation Vita is primarily a console for Japanese-made titles, so there are plenty of JRPG style games but the library is a bit thin on other genres.

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KitGuru Says: The PSP set the stage for Sony to dominate the handheld gaming market, unfortunately, things didn’t really go to plan with the Vita. Do any of you own a PS Vita? Do you get much use out of it? 

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