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Confusion surrounds EA’s refund policy regarding Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has had a turbulent journey to release, from loot box concerns to EA achieving the most downvoted comment in Reddit’s history. The company has since apologised, making sure to dampen the grind but the controversy continues today, as the publisher is under scrutiny for its refund policy.

The story began to circulate when Redditor BatofSpace posted about their inability to refund Star Wars Battlefront II and that EA has seemingly removed the option to from its customer portal. BatofSpace’s reasoning for this, was that they believed the publisher was hoping for players to give up their attempt to cancel pre-orders or refund their game due to an arduous process concerning the online support system.

Many had taken to the comments section under BatofSpace’s post to debunk the theory and state that there was never a refund button in the first place. The only problem, is that there is. As clearly shown in Tombjudicator’s tech support post, he clearly has a ‘Request Refund’ option in his order history.

This confusion stems from EA housing its refund policy, which doesn’t include all games in its library. Star Wars Battlefront II is, in fact, not listed under its refund page, whereas the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition is.  While Battlefront II isn’t a part of EA’s refunding policy, there is still the option to talk with the live chat, which has seemingly been bombarded with requests in the run up to the title’s release.

Many will be waiting for reviews of the game before committing to a purchase that they could never refund in the first place. GameInformer in particular wants to give an accurate account of the game under EA’s latest changes, cutting the hero cost by 75 percent. Similarly, this change carries over to the single-player campaign, in which the reward for completion has been reduced from 20,000 credits to just 5,000. Similarly, the Arcade mode has been changed to limit the amount of credits earned in it, meaning your primary source will be from the multiplayer itself.

KitGuru Says: EA has gotten a lot of, well deserved, flack for Star Wars Battlefront II, but it seems that many are jumping at the company’s throat before knowing the full story. This isn’t to justify the publisher’s refund policy, however, which still sucks. Just remember, if you attempt a refund, it isn’t the support staff’s fault that EA’s policy is dreadful. Are the changes that EA has made been enough to keep you playing the game?

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  1. Trying to defend EA is a disgrace. People are jumping on the “Bandwagon” because its the only one leaving town. Nobody should buy this trash nor should they be chastised buy kitguru for doing the correct thing and not buying this trash.

    All aboard the wagon…………

  2. Hopefully there will be enough pre-order cancellations to cause the sea of bad press to reach stakeholders. EA is the type of company that would only change it’s mentality if investors start to ditch its shares – they 100% do not care about the customer.