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Pokémon rises to top of 3DS sales chart following eShop shutdown announcement

Since Nintendo announced it would shut down the eShop for 3DS and Wii U, people started buying games they won't be able to get in the future. At the moment, the classic Pokémon titles are topping the charts, but the reason behind this surge in popularity may not be just because customers want to buy a piece of nostalgia.

With 3DS eShop closing down in 2023, it was expected to see users grabbing the Pokémon titles to ensure they can play them in the future. People surely want to play Pokémon, but the preference lies in the older games. As per Gamespot, the US 3DS eShop best-sellers are the Pokémon games from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color era, including the Yellow, Crystal, and Red. In the UK, the trend maintains according to Jon Cartwright, with titles such as Pokémon Crystal, Yellow, Gold, Silver in the top 10.

The question is, why would so many users want to buy older Pokémon games? If you've played Pokémon, your objective is to catch em all, and if you're going to follow that, you'll need to trade some. One such method to get the first and second-generation Pokémons is using Pokémon Bank, which these older Game Boy and Game Boy Color games do. This is especially useful since you can't move Pokémon from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color to the Game Boy Advance.

The emulated version of Game Boy and Game Boy Color Pokémon games will be available on the eShop until it closes in March 2023. Still, you won't be able to add funds to your account from a credit card starting May 23 nor use eShop cards beginning August 29.

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KitGuru says: Are you a fan of Pokémon? Have you already bought the first and second-generation Pokémon games from the 3DS eShop, or are you thinking of doing it?

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