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Arkane’s Prey expansion teases continue, hinting at plot details and the reveal date

It looks like Arkane's Prey expansion is all but confirmed at this point, as the studio continues to tease us. This time around, Arkane Studios posted an image online showing off the Prey development team, in which one employee is holding up a calendar with the date ‘June 10th 2018' marked down- which also happens to line up nicely with Bethesda's E3 conference this year.

The reveal date isn't the only thing teased in the image though. There is a white board in the background, teasing a few other tidbits of information. We already knew to expect to be visiting the moon, but it looks like the story will centre around Kasma Corp and an area known as ‘Pytheas Labs'. Kasma Corp already has a Twitter account set up, which tweeted out another teaser image, hinting that this company was also in the business of experimenting with mimics.

The final big tease on the white board is the question “what about Peter?”. This is particularly interesting as it hints to Peter Coleman, a character in the original game who you are led to believe was killed off by mimics.

With that in mind, it looks like there is still plenty of mystery left in the world of Prey, and much more for players to learn.

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KitGuru Says: Prey was one of my favourite games of 2017 and is one of the few games I've chosen to play through twice. At this point, an expansion seems to definitely be on the table, but we'll have to wait until June 10th for the big reveal. The countdown to Bethesda's E3 begins! 

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