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SpaceX will fly two anonymous tourists around the moon

SpaceX has planned a launch at some point in 2018 that will see it fly two tourists out of Earth’s atmosphere and around the moon before returning home. This would be the furthest tourists have ever been in space and would be the first time any human has travelled beyond …

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NASA releases new dark side of the moon image

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCO) was launched earlier this year atop a Space X Falcon 9 rocket and it currently sits within a Lissajous orbit 930,000 miles from Earth. It’s been sending back data on the ozone, vegetation, cloud height and aerosols in the atmosphere since and it’s all been …

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Warm oceans discovered on Saturn’s moon, could contain life

Although Jupiter’s moon Europa has often been considered the mostly likely place in our solar system other than Earth to have life as we know it somewhere within its under-ice oceans, there may be another, more viable contender on the cosmic horizon. Enceladus, a small moon orbiting Saturn, is now thought …

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This is what the far side of the moon looks like

Considering how relatively close – in space terms – the Moon is, you would think that getting a look at the back of it wouldn’t be that complicated – especially since it spends all of its time rotating around us. However due to tidal-locking, looking up into the night’s sky …

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Morpheus methane moon lander completes eighth free flight

NASA’s Morpheus moon lander, which runs on a much cleaner, methane/oxygen mix, has gone through another test flight at the Kennnedy Space Centre and performed brilliantly, making use of its vertical take off and landing (VTOL) system for both ascent and descent. Most impressively of course, it did this in …

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Evidence of volcano activity found on Moon

Latest reports have emerged that scientists have found evidence of volcano activity on the surface of the far side of the Moon. The Nature Geoscience journal has reported the rare example of volcano activity on the surface, not associated with asteroid, comet or meteor impact events. There are examples of …

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