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Bethesda is rebooting DOOM’s multiplayer, all DLC now free

DOOM was very popular when it first launched in May 2016 but unfortunately, the game’s multiplayer base didn’t end up staying healthy for very long. A big reason for this is that Bethesda split up the player base by releasing map packs, which isn’t a very good system unless you happen to be Call of Duty. Now this week, Bethesda is going back and fixing that with DOOM version 6.66, which makes all multiplayer content free and resets all progression back to zero.

This is essentially a reboot for DOOM’s multiplayer. All season pass content for the game is now free, adding in nine new maps, three extra guns, three new demons, new armour sets and more. The multiplayer levelling system has also received some changes, everyone starts at zero to create a level playing field but now instead of random unlocks, players can work towards specific items by completing in-game challenges.

The hack module system has been done away with and replaced with a new ‘rune’ system. Runes don’t need to be activated and don’t expire, so your unlocked perks will stay with you and can now become a consistent part of your play strategy.

To help kickstart this new era of DOOM multiplayer, Bethesda is holding a free weekend for the game, stretching from July 20th until the 23rd on Xbox and PC. The PS4 will get a free weekend a bit later, stretching from July 27th until the 30th. The free weekend will also include SnapMap and the first two campaign levels, so you can sample the whole package.

KitGuru Says: I really enjoyed DOOM’s multiplayer at launch, unfortunately, it didn’t have the staying power for many. Hopefully with Bethesda creating a blank slate, players will jump back in. Did any of you play DOOM multiplayer? Will you jump back in now that the DLC is free?

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  • Chaotic Entropy

    On the one hand, yay free stuff, on the other hand… another mandatory 37GB of space required for multiplayer content… eh…

    At least make it an optional download or something.

  • Lelisevis

    Regularly pops up for £9.99 in the Steam sales which is an absolute no brainer, I played through the campaign on xbox but I’m going to pick it up on Steam now that the multiplayer is unlocked, hopefully the free weekend will see the price drop which is normally the case.