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Cloud Imperium Games calls for lawsuit to be dismissed, claims Crytek is attention seeking

The back and forth between Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games continues. Recently, Crytek filed to have its lawsuit against CIG dismissed without prejudice, allowing the company to wait for Squadron 42 to release before re-filing the lawsuit again. Cloud Imperium Games has since filed a response, labelling Crytek's lawsuit as an act of “attention-seeking”.

As a reminder for those who missed the last update, Crytek is looking to have its lawsuit against the Star Citizen studio temporarily dismissed until after Squadron 42 comes out. Part of Crytek’s complaint against CIG is that the company only had the license to develop one game (Star Citizen) with CryEngine and not two. When Squadron 42 releases, Crytek will be able to point towards two publicly available games as part of its complaint.


Cloud Imperium Games' new filing calls for the lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice, meaning Crytek would be unable to re-file the lawsuit and would have to reimburse some of CIG's legal fees.

“This action should never have been brought. Dismissal is long overdue and proper. What would not be proper is dismissing the action ‘without prejudice without conditions'. Crytek launched and maintained this attention-seeking action irresponsibly from the outset.”

CIG's response goes on to say: “At the very least, the Court should dismiss Crytek’s credits claim with prejudice and order that the security bond be released to CIG. Crytek should not be allowed to aim its car at CIG’s storefront window, stomp the accelerator, smash through, do doughnuts for years, then back out and drive away to maybe circle around and crash CIG again another day. Crytek richly deserves having its keys taken away for all time, so that CIG can conduct responsible business without further interference from Crytek or its series of lawyers.”

KitGuru Says: The full court document contains more strong quotes from Cloud Imperium's legal team. At this point, given that Star Citizen has switched to a different engine, the frustration here is understandable. We'll have to wait and see what the court rules.

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