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Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion launching next month

Frontier is taking Elite Dangerous to the next level this year with the game's new Odyssey expansion. Following a late 2020 announcement, the expansion has been in alpha and beta testing on PC for a while and now, we have an official release date. 

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will launch on the 19th of May, shaking up your space adventures with new missions that will see players leave the comfort of their ships to engage in shoot outs on planet surfaces.

As exciting as PvE and PvP FPS-based missions are, not everyone wants to fight. For those who prefer the exploration and resource gathering side of Elite Dangerous, there is a new Botany discipline, which will send you to different planets to collect DNA from vegetation and take the data back to space ports.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will only be available on PC for the time being, with Xbox and PlayStation versions of the expansion set to follow in the second half of this year.

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KitGuru Says: Have any of you tried out Elite Dangerous Odyssey during alpha testing? Are you going to be picking up the expansion on day one? 

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