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GWENT is finally coming to Android next month

Back in December, shortly after the official launch of GWENT on iOS, CD Projekt Red announced that console versions of the game would be cancelled in favour of increased focus on PC and mobile. Now, those mobile efforts are expanding, with the game set to officially launch on Android soon. 

Today, CD Projekt Red announced that GWENT: The Witcher Card Game will arrive on the Google Play Store on the 24th of March. Players can already pre-register on Android to receive a notification when the app is available to download too.

GWENT on Android will have a touch control interface just as you would expect, in addition to cross-play with PC and iOS, so you will always have a healthy player base to matchmake with. Beyond that, all card pack purchases carry over between platforms, so your decks, cards and earned rewards will carry over whether your playing on PC or a smartphone.

It is a pretty good time to jump into GWENT too, as the game's latest expansion just dropped, adding 70 new cards.

KitGuru Says: It has been almost a full year since GWENT was announced for smartphones, so this release is long overdue. Are any of you still playing GWENT? Will you be downloading it on Android when it becomes available? 

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