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Metro Exodus will be the first game to support Nvidia Ray Tracing

We were already impressed Metro Exodus when the game was first shown at E3 last year, but the latest showcase steps things up a notch. At GDC this week, 4AGames announced that Metro Exodus would be the first game to ship with Nvidia's RTX ray tracing technology.

If you need a refresher on what ray tracing is, then you can check out our article from earlier in the week going over the announcements from Nvidia, Microsoft and AMD. We've seen impressive demos from Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games, but 4A Games has been the first to show ray tracing running in-game.

4A Games and the Metro series have always delivered a high standard when it comes to graphics and so far, it looks like Metro Exodus will be no exception. While watching the video, you want to pay attention to lighting in particular, and how it interacts with objects and reflects on water.

Metro Exodus is set to come out later this year on PC and consoles. It will be the first Triple A game to support Nvidia's RTX technology, but there will hopefully be more to come.

KitGuru Says: Metro Exodus is shaping up to be a very impressive game- its easily one of the top games I'm looking forward to the most. Are many of you excited for Metro Exodus to land later this year? 

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