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Metro Exodus will finally release on Steam next week

Metro Exodus was perhaps the most controversial Epic Games Store exclusive of 2019, with the highly anticipated follow-up to Metro Last Light pulled from Valve's store just two weeks before its release date. The last minute change caught everyone off guard at the time but we are now approaching the one-year mark, which means the game will finally release on Steam this month. 

On Saturday the 15th of February at 5AM GMT, Metro Exodus will officially unlock on Steam. Currently, the game is still not available to purchase through Valve's store but that will change next week once the Epic Games Store timed-exclusivity deal officially runs its course.

Metro Exodus was one of the top-selling games on Steam leading up to release, so those who pre-ordered in time still got to play the Steam version at release. The game's expansion pass is also already available through Steam, so those early Steam customers don't have to wait longer to get their hands on post-launch DLC.

Of course, if you have Xbox Game Pass for PC, then you can also play Metro Exodus for as long as you are subscribed.

KitGuru Says: It might be a year later than initially expected but Metro Exodus is finally launching on Steam. Did any of you skip over this one last year? Will you be looking to pick it up on Steam this year?

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