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Riot Games to pay $10 million to settle class-action lawsuit

In the last nine months, there has been plenty of discussion surrounding Riot Games and its internal practices. Recently, there have been lawsuits alleging discrimination and sexism, which Riot has moved to block due to a waiver found in most employee contracts. This led to a walkout protest, which didn’t do much at the time, but it did lead to an investigation from California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Now, Riot is looking to settle the lawsuits for good, promising to pay out $10 million. 

This whole situation became public back in October 2018, shortly after discrimination complaints first began popping up online. Now, as reported by The Los Angeles Times, Riot is settling the legal complaints with a $10 million fund that will be split amongst around 1,000 women employed at the studio between November 2014 and the date the settlement is finalised.

Individual payouts will differ depending on the length of employment and contractor/full-time status. As you would expect, Riot is also continuing to make promises of improving its internal culture and will review its internal practises and employee pay scale once again.

A judge still needs to finalise the settlement agreement, so we should hear more on this soon.

KitGuru Says: If this settlement agreement is accepted by the judge, then this class-action lawsuit business should be put to bed, although Riot will need to demonstrate some change internally to remain out of trouble. 


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