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Sony’s PlayStation Classic pre-orders go live

Update (11/10/19): Sony is moving ahead with its plans to get a slice of Nintendo’s nostalgia pie, as pre-orders for the PlayStation Classic mini console are now live. Similar to its rival, consumers are urged to act fast as stock will be limited.

While the PlayStation Classic mimics Sony’s original console perfectly, it will be 45 percent smaller in size. The power button remains exactly the same, turning the console on and off, while the Reset Button suspends the game in play and the Open Button changes the virtual disc.

The two wired controllers provided are styled after the firm’s original pads before DualShock analogue sticks were introduced with vibration feedback. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to elaborate on the 15 unannounced titles aside from the line-up being comprised of the finest games from the “golden era.”

Sony will periodically update newsletter subscribers of new PlayStation Classic information until its December 3rd release.

Original story (19/09/18): Over the last couple of years, Nintendo has had great success with its Classic Mini console launches. This year, Sony will be trying its hand at a similar thing with the PlayStation Classic Mini, featuring 20 games from the PS1 era.

The PS1 was a huge success for Sony back in the 90s and Sony will be cashing in on that nostalgia. The company promises 20 “generation defining” games on the PlayStation Classic Mini, we don't have the full list of games but we do know that Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash!, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3 will all make an appearance.

The PlayStation Classic works in the same way as the Nintendo Classic consoles. Its a tiny box that uses just 5W of power. It comes with a HDMI port. two controllers and USB connectivity too, display output is limited to 720p maximum though.

The PlayStation Classic will be launching on the 3rd of December, just in time for Christmas. Here in the UK, it will cost £89.99.

KitGuru Says: The PS1 was a legendary console for its time. Will any of you be picking one of these up? Is there a specific game you would like to see it ship with? 

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