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The Halo TV series has new cast members and production is finally underway

Way back in the glory days of Halo, there was plenty of talk surrounding blockbuster movie spin-offs and TV projects to expand the franchise. None of those previous attempts got off the ground but when the Xbox One was announced, Microsoft officially committed to a Halo TV series. Getting the show prepared has taken a very long time but after plenty of ups and downs, season one is officially entering production.

Showtime is the network behind the live-action series, with plans to air a 9-episode first season in 2021.. Over the last week, the cast and crew have been getting together for table reads of the scripts, which are now all done and dusted, leading us right into the filming phase.

The actor taking on the role of Master Chief was announced back in April, with 343 Industries and Showtime revealing that Pablo Schreiber will be portraying our spartan hero. Meanwhile, Cortana will be played by Natasha McElhone, Dr. Miranda Keyes will be played by Olive Grey, Admiral Margaret Parangosky will be played by Shabana Azmi and Captain Jacob Keyes will be played by Danny Sapani. Fellow spartan warriors Riz-028, Vannak-134, Kai-125 and Soren-066 will be played by Natasha Culzac, Bentley Kalu, Kate Kennedy and Bokeem Woodbine respectively.

At one point in time, the Halo series was set to begin filming earlier this year with a 2020 release in mind. Unfortunately, the original director ended up facing schedule conflicts, so things were delayed a bit. Now, new directors have signed on for the first season and filming is finally starting. There is one final tidbit about the live-action series that will be worth keeping in mind- Showtime has previously confirmed that the show will have an original story, so while it might use characters and borrow plot points from the games and various novels/comics, the TV show could end up going off in very different directions.

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KitGuru Says: It must be around 15 years now since the first live-action Halo rumours first started circulating. Now, Microsoft has finally been able to find creative partners willing to take on the challenge for real. Are any of you looking forward to this at all?

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