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A new Switch model is rumoured to release this year, with production beginning soon

Ever since the Nintendo Switch first released in 2017, fans have been asking for a ‘Switch Pro’, bringing a mid-generation refresh to the handheld-console hybrid in a similar vein to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Last year, rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro, alongside a smaller dockless switch, began to circulate. With the Nintendo Switch Lite being announced and released last year, it appears that the ‘Switch Pro’ might come to light soon, with rumours of production beginning in “Q1 2020.”

Reported by Digitimes, “Nintendo is reportedly planning to release in mid-2020 a new model of Switch, which will begin volume production at the end of first-quarter 2020, according to sources from the related upstream supply chain.” This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard reports of a potential Switch Pro: Back in March of 2019, Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo would be releasing two new Switch models. The first was revealed to be the Switch Lite, but the second new model remained nowhere to be seen – save for the updated SKU which released with improved battery life. 

Mochizuki later reported in August that “Nintendo has ideas for further updates to the Switch lineup after those two models to make the platform’s lifecycle long”. It now seems that Nintendo is preparing to announce this new Switch, as mass production is reportedly set to begin in Q1 2020. Upon this news, Mochizuki doubled down on his previous statement, adding further confidence to this rumour.

Nintendo has made no reference to a Switch Pro so far, although with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launching later this year, the Switch hardware is threatening to feel two generations behind its competition – unless Nintendo acts soon. Time will tell whether Nintendo has another Switch up its sleeve.

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