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Destruction All-Star devs reportedly no longer working on Twisted Metal

As part of a multi-media franchise revival, Sony has been pushing to see the return of the classic PlayStation destruction derby series Twisted Metal. Previously, we reported that the title was being developed by Lucid Games – however this is seemingly no longer the case.

According to VGC, Lucid Games – known most recently for creating the PS5-exclusive Destruction All-Stars – is no longer working on the Twisted Metal revival title. Those who are concerned for the game’s status need not be, as Sony is said to have since brought the project internally, with one of the console manufacturer’s European first-party studios working on the game now instead.

While no concrete details were given as to why Sony had such a change of heart, it has been suggested that the relatively poor reception towards Destruction All-Stars was a contributing factor.

This isn’t the first time that a game being created in partnership with a console manufacturer was shifted to a first party studio. The still-unreleased Metroid Prime 4 was originally being developed by Bandai Namco, however was later brought internally into Nintendo. 

While it must be disappointing for Lucid Games, hopefully this move is ultimately for the betterment of the game – and that Lucid Games are given a chance to work on something else.

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