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Gran Turismo 7 will be a next-gen exclusive

While Sony initially claimed that it believed in distinct and separate generations, the console manufacturer later retconned this somewhat when announcing that a number of its PS5 games would also be coming to the now previous-gen PS4. While they have since doubled-down on this cross-gen period, it would seem as though some games will still remain next-gen exclusive, as Gran Turismo 7 will only be coming to the PS5.

In a recent trailer advertising “new and upcoming” PS5 games, one of the titles shown off briefly was Gran Turismo 7. Layered on top of the footage of the racing game was the tag “PlayStation 5 exclusive,” offering definitive proof that the game would not be coming to the PS4.

While it would logically make sense that the game would not be coming to the PS4, especially considering the fact that the game has yet to receive a release date, many of Sony’s other PlayStation exclusives have launched, or will launch across both generations. So far, the PS5 games which have launched, or will be launching on PS4 include Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Horizon Forbidden West.

This has led to many fans wondering what other games will also find their way onto the PS4. Insomniac Games have already confirmed that Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart will be PS5 exclusive. The next God of War however may yet find its way onto the previous-gen system.

While confusion persists for a number of titles, it is good to see PlayStation confirming that Gran Turismo 7 will be exclusive to the PS5 – whenever it launches.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for Gran Turismo 7? What do you think of Sony’s cross-gen strategy? What game (if any) would you be disappointed to see be cross-gen? Let us know down below.

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