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Ikumi Nakamura reveals her new studio

Ikumi Nakamura became one of Tango Gameworks’ standout developers when she headlined the introduction of the studio's upcoming Ghostwire Tokyo. Since then she has left Tango to focus on herself, now announcing a brand new studio.

In a recent interview with IGN, ikumi Nakamura officially revealed her brand new studio which opened back in March 2021: Unseen. Focusing on mystery, horror, sci-fi, and the supernatural, the studio “acts as a terminal, a place where different cultures intersect. A hub for artists to gather. We want to transcend various medium beyond the realm of video games.”

While no official details were given regarding the studio’s first game, Nakamura has confirmed that development is underway, and that it will focus on her interests, namely mystery, horror, zombies, the supernatural and science fiction, saying “I find these genres fascinating, and I'm good at them, so I want to keep working on games related to these subjects.”

Like many studios currently, Unseen will focus on transmedia development, meaning that not only will we see games from the studio, but also possibly films, TV shows, and more. Explaining this decision, Nakamura said “I don't want to think only in terms of video games; I want to make new IP that can work as a variety of entertainment media. For example anime, education, apparel – I'd like to make a game that can have an impact on those kinds of media too, and to grow carefully.”

Nakamura was behind some of the scariest monsters developed at Tango Gameworks and so it is both exciting and interesting to see what comes out of Unseen.

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