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Ghostwire Tokyo on track for Xbox launch

Prior to Microsoft acquiring Bethesda, Sony had actually set up a partnership with the company, which would see two Bethesda games turn into PS5 console exclusives. The first game, Deathloop, launched in 2021 and just recently came to Xbox. Now, it looks like Ghostwire Tokyo for Xbox is only a …

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Ikumi Nakamura reveals her new studio

Ikumi Nakamura became one of Tango Gameworks’ standout developers when she headlined the introduction of the studio's upcoming Ghostwire Tokyo. Since then she has left Tango to focus on herself, now announcing a brand new studio. In a recent interview with IGN, ikumi Nakamura officially revealed her brand new studio …

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Ikumi Nakamura opens up a new studio

In the wake of major publishers and console manufacturers acquiring and consolidating other development studios, it is always encouraging to see new indie studios being founded – keeping the industry fresh and creative. Ikumi Nakamura, the previous lead for Ghostwire Tokyo has announced that she is opening up a new …

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