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New render modes are coming to DOOM Eternal

Recently, we reported that The Last of Us Part II would be adding new render modes to its game, allowing fans to replay the title while experiencing it in a number of different ways. Following in its footsteps is DOOM Eternal, which has now announced that it too will be adding new render modes to its game as part of a free update.

id Software announced that “In case you missed it while slaying demons, we’ve added Render Modes to let you experience DOOM Eternal like never before. Add cinematic flair, old-school feels, stylized effects, and more as you conquer hell’s armies or capture great moments in Photomode. Try them today!”

The trailer showed off 8 different render modes:

  • Black and White
  • Dots
  • Retro console
  • Retro handheld (Gameboy)
  • VHS
  • Classic
  • Cinematic
  • Gritty

While a number of these filters are such as Dots and Retro Handheld are possibly too outlandish for a full playthrough, it’s always fun to see developers adding new ways to play and experience their game – even if it is just for a level or two.

The update is available right now, and gives you a great excuse to hop back into DOOM Eternal and re-familiarise yourself with the controls prior to the launch of the game’s – recently announced – first expansion.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the addition of render modes to games such as these? Are they fun extras or ultimately pointless? Will you be picking DOOM Eternal back up? Let us know down below.

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