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The Last of Us Part II Grounded Update adds 8-bit mode; other additions

Yesterday we reported that The Last of Us Part II was set to receive a new update adding both perma-death and Grounded difficulties. Naughty Dog have now officially announced the ‘Grounded Update’ which brings not only the aforementioned difficulty modes, but two dozen other changes and additions, including gyro-aiming and infinite ammo.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog stated that “We’ve been preparing a new update for The Last of Us Part II, which introduces new features, gameplay modes, Trophies, and more — including the much-requested return of Grounded difficulty. Best of all, it arrives August 13, so let’s get straight into what the Grounded update includes.

The new additions include:

  • Grounded Mode
  • Perma-death Mode
  • Graphics modifiers
  • Audio modifiers
  • Gameplay Modifiers
  • New accessibility options

Naughty Dog are adding over 30 different graphics rendering modes, such as has been seen in many of its other titles. Some of the filters include 8-bit mode, black and white, and cel-shading, fundamentally changing the way the game looks.

The gameplay modifiers have likewise existed in other Naughty Dog titles. Over a dozen modifiers will be available, including infinite ammo, mirror world, slow motion, and one-hit mode. Lastly, some of the new accessibility options being added include gyro-aiming, film grain adjustment, improved collectible tracking, and aiming acceleration options.

The Last of Us Part II Grounded Update will be available on Thursday the 13th of August. The full list of changes and additions can be found HERE.

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