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Microsoft to discuss consumer features of Windows 10 in January

Microsoft Corp. plans to hold a special event for mass media where it will discuss consumer features of Windows 10 operating system in detail. The press event is rumoured to be held in late January.

The world’s largest software maker formally announced its next Windows 10 operating system in late September and released technical preview of the platform in early October primarily aiming at enterprise and enthusiast users to collect their feedback. While a lot of features of Windows 10 exist in the version currently tested by the members of Microsoft Insider program, a lot of capabilities and the all-new touch interface are still not there.

At the event in late January the software developer intends to discuss currently unknown features of Windows 10 as well as reveal its new touch interface dubbed Continuum, reports The Verge.


Since Windows 10 is designed to run on different kinds of devices providing “the right experience on the right device at the right time,” it is logical to expect Microsoft to show off how the operating system works on smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1s and different personal computers.

Microsoft is expected to formally announce the event already this year.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: It is interesting to note that Microsoft decided not to impress general public with Windows 10 devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, but plans a separate media-only event at a later date. Perhaps, Windows 10 is not really around the corner and it makes no sense to show it to the public just now. If the software giant plans to release Windows 10 sometimes in September or October, 2015, it clearly does not want to slow sales of Windows 8.1-based PCs in the first half of the year by showing off Windows 10 at CES. Still, since the late January event is expected to be public, all the details will be available for everyone. Just not in the mainstream media…

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  1. I have a desktop with a touchscreen and Windows 10 doesn’t change, it stays as a keyboard and mouse operating system which I really don’t want, I want touch first keyboard and mouse later.

  2. This is when I’ll take a look at the New Windows 10 build, you know there’s going to be a new build before or after it right. Not going crazy with Windows 10 just the basic UI to get a little familiar to the new change followed by some old tweaks and tutorials that’s it noting serious.

    I love Windows 7 and have five years left and maybe more if Windows 10 don’t capture the hearts of Windows 7 fan-boys, like myself.


  3. While your at you should get yourself a Tablet and a couple of new Smart Phones that should be more then a enough touch screens. You’ll never see me or any other PowerUser with such crap in front them when sitting at their WorkStation. You are what’s wrong with today’s devices and future, I want touch first keyboard and mouse later. Guest your writing this on your stupid Smart Phone.

  4. You’re what’s wrong with the world. Too lazy to accept change.