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“Something” is happening on the 29th of March to celebrate NieR’s 10th anniversary

2020 marks 10 years since the release of NieR Gestalt and NieR Replicant, the action-RPG which gave way to 2017’s highly successful NieR: Automata. There has been much speculation surrounding the NieR series and its future, and it has now been confirmed that fans will receive ‘something’ related to the series on the 29th of March to commemorate the occasion – though the scope of the ‘something’ is currently unknown.

Taking to Twitter, the game’s producer, Yosuke Saito and Director Yoko Taro both acknowledged the March 29th date, with Saito saying (and translated by Siliconera) “I’ll do something on March 29. At worst, even if it’s just Yoko-san and I, we’ll do something. Because it’s the 10th anniversary, we’ll hold it for 10 hours straight”. Yoko Taro later responded “We’re gonna do this.”

While it is currently unknown what’s happening on the 29th, it could potentially be much larger than both Saito and Taro are setting it up to be. Back in December, Square Enix launched a website to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NieR series. Though it is currently relatively barren, it is assumed that something will be announced to justify the creation of an entire website.

Furthermore, this also lines up with PlatinumGames and the announcement of their ‘Platinum4’ initiative. The studio (which developed 2017’s NieR: Automata) is set to make an announcement some time in the coming future. The studio has already announced a remaster of The Wonderful 101, the launch of a new office based in Tokyo, and has unveiled a new game, currently titled “Project G.G.” The studio still has one more announcement to make, and some fans are hoping for a remaster/remake of the first NieR game.

We won’t truly know what to expect from NieR’s 10th anniversary until the 29th of March, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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KitGuru says: What do you think will happen on the 29th of March? Would you like to see a remake of NieR by PlatinumGames, or would you rather a sequel be announced instead? Let us know down below.

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