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Apparently Apple is dropping the iPad Air name this year, will focus on iPad Pro

Apple is set to announce a brand new iPad and a new 4-inch iPhone at an event in just a couple of weeks time. Up until this point, all reports surrounding the new iPad have presumed that it would be called the iPad Air 3 but as it turns out, that may not be true and Apple could be planning to drop the Air name this year.

Instead, Apple will apparently be branding its new 9.7-inch iPad as an iPad Pro. The tablet will also come with the same specifications and features as the larger 13-inch model.


The new name does make sense though it is a little odd to see Apple replace the iPad Air brand so quickly. The smaller iPad Pro will offer four speakers, an A9x ‘desktop class' processor as well as 4GB of RAM, making it a very capable device.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, this new smaller iPad Pro will also come with an optional smart keyboard and support for the Apple Pencil. This move also means that Apple will continue selling the iPad Air 2 at a cheaper price, with the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro set to take over its current price point.

KitGuru Says: Apple leaks usually turn out to be fairly accurate, especially as we get closer to a launch event. That said, none of this is confirmed just yet. Do you think Apple is making a mistake by rebranding the smaller iPad as an iPad Pro? Personally, I thought having a different name for the larger tablet was a smart move but it seems that Apple may not agree. 

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