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New renders give us an early look at 2020 iPad Pro

The latest revision of the iPad Pro has proven very popular, with Face ID, vastly reduced bezels, better multi-tasking, a better keyboard stand and even re-designed Apple Pencil functionality. In 2020, Apple will be looking to improve things again, with the next batch of iPad Pro units set to bring …

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Apple extends iPad Pro keyboard warranty following persistent defects

Since releasing the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard, buyers have encountered several issues, including keys sticking, repeating commands or generally becoming unresponsive. Occasionally the ‘smart connectors’ on these keyboards also failed. It seems that these problems have been persistent enough that Apple has now had to extend the warranty on them, …

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Apple may release three iPad Pros next year


Earlier this year in an effort to return the iPad to growth, Apple launched the iPad Pro, a bigger 13-inch iPad with beefier hardware and more features, including support for the ‘Apple Pencil’ and programs like Photoshop. Now, it looks like we may see the iPad Pro line-up expand in …

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Apple is working on fixing major iPad Pro bug

Earlier this week, we learned that quite a few early adopters of the iPad Pro, Apple’s new 13-inch tablet, were facing a bug where every time the device charged for more than an hour, it would become completely unresponsive and fail to wake. The only work around for this so …

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The iPad Pro can become unresponsive after charging

Apple has finally launched the iPad Pro, it’s 13-inch, highly priced tablet. However, early adopters haven’t found the experience to be entirely problem free. iPad Pro users on the Apple Support forums are reporting that the tablet can become completely unresponsive after just an hour of charging- a problem that …

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iPad Pro goes on sale this week

Back in September, alongside the iPhone 6s launch, Apple announced the long rumoured iPad Pro, a 13-inch tablet, which is aimed at multi-taskers. Now, the tablet is finally ready to go on sale, with a date pencilled in for the 11th of November this week here in the UK. Given …

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Would you want a gold engraved iPad Pro?

Apple products are often seen by many as a premium, whether you’re trying to buy an iPhone in China, or an Apple Watch in the western world. That said, none of them perhaps are quite as luxurious as the optional extra being offered by Goldegenie, the self-described gold-plating specialist from …

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