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Apple is working on fixing major iPad Pro bug

Earlier this week, we learned that quite a few early adopters of the iPad Pro, Apple's new 13-inch tablet, were facing a bug where every time the device charged for more than an hour, it would become completely unresponsive and fail to wake. The only work around for this so far has been performing a hard reset but Apple is now on the case and has acknowledged the issue.

Right now, Apple's official advice for those having this problem is to just perform a hard reset every time the problem is encountered. However, the company is also “aware of this issue and is investigating”.



This is likely a software bug and should be fixable within a new version of iOS. The problem appears to only be affecting those using iOS 9.1, while those on the iOS 9.2 beta are getting by just fine, so hopefully a fix won't take too long for those who splashed out all of that extra cash for a bigger iPad.

Apple will update its support page on this specific problem when it has more information.

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KitGuru Says: Apple isn't new to making tablets at this point, so it is a little odd to see such a major issue affecting early iPad Pro buyers. Hopefully a fix will be put out soon.

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