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Apple to raise App prices in seven countries

Apple is set to raise the price of apps on its store in seven countries this month. While exchange rates typically rise and fall from time to time, Apple seems to think that due to the current position of particular currencies, it is time to raise prices a bit. The countries affected by this include Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Mexico and Russia.

As an example, in Canada, apps used to cost CAD$1.19 but will now cost $1.39 for base tier apps. The more expensive apps will have prices raised from $2.29 to $2.79.

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Apple has informed developers of these changes to pricing tiers and they should be in place by Thursday this week according to reports. On top of that, the prices for in-app purchases will also increase as well, which means if you happen to subscribe to an app, like a monthly magazine on iOS, then you will need to re-subscribe under the new pricing.

KitGuru Says: The pricing increases will differ from country to country so if you're an iOS user living in one of the affected areas then you may want to check how much more you'll be asked to pay for apps in the future. 

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