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Edifier S3000 Pro 2.0 Speaker Review

Starting with the bundle and accessories of the Edifier S3000 Pro, it’s safe to say you’re given quite a lot. For starters there are two power cables (one for each speaker, more on that later) and a manual.

Then, we find four different included cables – 1x TOSLINK optical, 1x RCA to RCA, 1x RCA to 3.5mm jack, and 1x USB. There is also a wireless remote control included as well.


Getting a look at the speakers themselves, there is clearly similarities between the design of the S3000 Pro and S2000 Pro, but the newer model has also made some aesthetic changes.

First among these is the choice of cabinet colour. Both use wooden panels but the S2000 Pro has a lighter, more cherry-coloured wood, while the S3000 Pro is a lot darker and, to my eye, more classy-looking. The front and top is still matte black, however, with a mesh covering over the woofer and tweeter.

As for the dimensions, each speaker measures 232 x 356 x 268mm (WxHxD) – meaning the S3000 Pro is a bit bigger than the S2000 Pro, which measures 203 x 343 x 267mm. It’s still comfortably within the ‘bookshelf speaker’ class.

Turning to the back of the speakers, the right unit is the ‘master’, with all the inputs and control options. Speaking of inputs, we find: balanced XLR, RCA line in, USB, optical, and coaxial inputs – not including the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 support, giving a total of siinput options. There’s also treble and bass controls, alongside power input and an on/off switch.

The left speaker has no controls or inputs other than the power input and power switch. This is noteworthy as typically only the right speaker receives power, and a cable travels from the right to left speaker units carrying both power and the audio signal. With the S3000 Pro, however, the connection between both speakers is completely wireless – so each speaker needs its own power input.

Lastly, we take a closer look at the 6.5in (179mm) aluminium alloy diaphragm woofer used with the S3000 Pro, as well as the planar diaphragm tweeters which measure 107 x 107mm.

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