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Philips BDM4350UC 43in 4k IPS Monitor Review

The BDM4350UC is a huge screen and there’s a reasonable amount in the box too.

There’s no power brick, as the AC cable plugs directly into the screen. You get one each HDMI, DisplayPort and even VGA, plus an audio minijack pass-through for routing sound from a host PC.

The screen diagonal may be huge, but it’s not a thick display – just 82mm. There’s no central mount, with the screen relying on two feet that screw onto either end. This won’t make adjustment particularly easy. You can’t alter the height or rotate the screen. You will also need a desk wide enough to accommodate the full 968mm width.

A lot of inputs are on offer. There are two HDMI ports, two DisplayPort connections, and even VGA, which seems slightly pointless on a 43in 4K screen, but it could be useful in a corporate or educational setup. A minijack is provided for routing analog audio from your PC, with a headphone minijack next door.

We’d rather the headphone jack was on the front or side, however. Likewise, the four-port USB 3 hub is a great addition, but its location isn’t convenient either. Having a couple of ports on the side would have been useful.


The on-screen display (OSD) menu is entirely controlled with a joystick on the rear, which is easy to access by reaching around the right-hand corner of the screen. There is a separate power switch elsewhere on the back, so this joystick is specifically for controlling software functions.

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  • Alessandro


  • John325

    Never, Ever buy this monitor
    Inside of screen is so weak that you can even break it while you cleaning it and you can`t ask for warranty because it`s phisical damage