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Philips Brilliance 439P9H 43in 32:10 SuperWide Monitor Review

The Philips Brilliance 439P9H is long, thin, and massive, so its box is too.

Inside, along with a choice of power cables, you get HDMI and DisplayPort wires plus USB C to Type A. Strangely, no USB-C to USB-C was included with our sample, although this is supposed to be part of the bundle.

This is a serious-looking screen, and the build is very solid. The general theme is black, but with a combination of black plastic, brushed metal, and some elements that are more like dark grey, in particular the stand. It feels very stable on the latter.

The curvature is a modest 1800R, where some screens go for a more aggressive 1500R. However, with such a wide panel, this feels like it makes sense. The 32:10 aspect equates to 3,840 x 1,200, which is slightly surprising when many curved 34in SuperWide screens have a 1,440-pixel vertical resolution.

However, this configuration makes it rather like two 16:10 screens with 1,920 x 1,200 resolution stuck together. That’s very handy if you wanted a more pleasant dual-screen-like experience in one monitor.

Although you get all the adjustments (apart from portrait, which would be ridiculous in a screen this wide), the range is not huge in some cases. The rotation is just 20 degrees in either direction, and tilt is a mere 10 degrees backwards with 5 degrees forwards.

That said, you can raise or lower through 130mm, which is pretty standard. Lots of SuperWide monitors don’t offer much if any adjustment, so this is commendable from Philips.

There’s a 2Mpixel webcam on the top. For those concerned with privacy, it pops in and out, turning off when in the down position.

Apart from the power input, all the ports are on the bottom left. There’s a single HDMI 2.0b, two DisplayPort 1.4, and then two USB-C. The latter can provide video as well as data, and even supply up to 90W of power. So if you plug in a compatible laptop, it will charge.

The four-port USB hub meets the 3.2 standard, and the yellow Type A port provides Fast Charge. There’s a Gigabit Ethernet port that can also be used with a USB-C-attached device, so you really can have all the connections you need via a single USB-C wire.


The menu control buttons are on the right. There are five of these, although the furthest right merely toggles power. The function of the buttons is marked on the front.

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