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Mountain sets first stretch goal for Midnight Black Everest keyboard

Mountain’s new innovative Everest keyboard is available for pre-order now in Barebone, Core (TKL) and MAX iterations. However, many backers of the Everest keyboard have requested it to be available, in an all-black version, Mountain has responded by setting a stretch goal to enable the creation of a new model.

To thank customers who backed the Kickstarter funding project of the Everest keyboard, Mountain has been reaching out to backers to find out what they want the company to produce next. One of the most requested opinions was for Mountain to create a new colour variant of the Everest keyboard.

In response to this request, Mountain has set its first stretch goal, if backing reaches €100,000, the company will offer a new Midnight Black colour version of the Everest keyboard, so users will have the choice of black or Mountain Grey versions. Mountain has said the Midnight Black version will be manufactured from a premium Black anodised aluminium since the company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to product quality.

“With the incredible success of Everest on Kickstarter, it didn’t take long until we received the first inquiries of stretch goals and a Black version was in particular high demand,” says Tobias Brinkmann, Founder & CEO of Mountain. “We appreciate all the support we have received so far and continue to listen to customer feedback.”

Mountain Everest features:

  • Removable Numpad with integrated display keys (Max version)
  • Removable Media Dock with Display Dial (Max version)
  • Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switches
  • Cherry MX Switches
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A hub
  • USB Type-C removable Cable
  • Magnetic Palm Rest (Max version)
  • RGB illumination per key and 360-degree lightbar
  • Full USB N-Key Rollover
  • Base Camp Software Support

The Mountain Everest keyboard can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter now, with prices starting from £85 for the Core Barebone model.

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KitGuru says: Mountain reached its funding goal in just under six hours and has now set its first stretch goal for a black version of the Everest keyboard after calls from backers for this additional colour version. Did any of you guys back the Everest Kickstarter project? or are you tempted with this new black version?

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