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Logitech G910 ‘Orion Spark’ Mechanical Keyboard Review

Overall, I feel that the pros of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark gaming keyboard outweigh the cons and I left with positive impressions. The software is easy to use and very responsive – the lighting is fantastic and it is clear that Logitech opted to use high quality LEDs for lights. They shine bright, even during the day time, color accuracy is spot on and the effects work very well.

Logitech has managed to win me over with its Romer-G switches, they actuate fast and I actually prefer them to Cherry MX blues for both gaming and typing. The concave key caps are great for ensuring accuracy for gaming but can get in the way of the typing experience at first. If you are a typist then be aware it will take some time to adjust.

Having so many keys crammed on to the keyboard was a bit jarring, causing some slight disruptions while gaming. The column of G-keys on the left hand side of the keyboard are just too close to the shift, caps lock and tab keys- I would often find myself missing the shift key in favor of G4. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed in a future product iteration. The G-keys don't need to move too much an extra few millimeters should do the trick.

Logitech has tried to cram as much as it possibly can on to this keyboard without making the main body overly big. I'm not saying it was the wrong approach to take but personally, I wouldn't mind having the keyboard be slightly longer for improved key spacing.

It is important to note that keyboard reviews can be highly subjective and your opinions will be very much related to personal preference. You might not face the same issues I had while adjusting to this keyboard's layout and concave key caps.

Ultimately things come down to price. The Logitech G910 Orion Spark keyboard comes in at a hefty £179.99 on Amazon and Logitech's own website, which is very expensive for a keyboard. It will be worth the money to some but unless you have your heart set on Logitech's new Romer-G switches or RGB lighting, you will be able to find something just as functional at a lower price.

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  • Romer-G switches are fantastic.
  • High quality lighting.
  • Solid construction.


  • Key layout could be improved.
  • Concave key caps can make typing difficult.
  • Very expensive.

KitGuru Says: I really like the G910, although it does have some flaws. If you have the money then we would recommend that potential buyers try out the keyboard for themselves if possible. It's worth considering but it is a lot of money to put down for a product that may not suit everyone. 


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Rating: 7.5.

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