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Mad Catz expands lineup with new E.G.O fightstick

Just a few years ago, Mad Catz was in an unfortunate financial position, suffering hefty losses and eventually ceasing operations and filing for bankruptcy. Last year, the company began making a comeback, starting off with a trio of peripherals- the trusty keyboard, mouse and headset combo. Now, Mad Catz is dipping back into its old bag of tricks and coming out with a brand new fightstick. 

Today, Mad Catz announced the E.G.O, a new arcade-style fightstick, which as the name suggests, is for fighting games. Lots of enthusiast and competitive players use these pads, with a joystick and a more friendly button layout for pulling off combos.

This is a fairly low-key announcement for the time being, as Mad Catz won’t be stepping back into the fighting game arena in full force until 2020. For now, more news and details are teased to be arriving at CES, which kicks off in early January.

Fightsticks are a niche product, so just how successful this will end up being is still up in the air. Still, it is good to see Mad Catz branching out beyond the PC peripherals we are used to seeing regularly.

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KitGuru Says: I tend to spend a few months playing a new fighting game each year. In 2017 it was Injustice 2, in 2018 I had Dragonball FighterZ and this year, Mortal Kombat XI has been my game of choice. However, I have yet to try using a fightstick, so depending on cost, I might end up giving this a go. Do many of you play fighting games regularly? Do you stick to a normal gamepad, or do you normally use a fightstick? 


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