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Mad Catz unveils the R.A.T. PRO X3 Supreme Edition

Mad Catz has been back in the peripheral market for about two years now, and this week, the company may have launched its best gaming mouse yet. Today marks the arrival of the Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X3 Supreme.  Mad Catz returned back in 2018 after clawing its way back …

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Mad Catz expands lineup with new E.G.O fightstick

Just a few years ago, Mad Catz was in an unfortunate financial position, suffering hefty losses and eventually ceasing operations and filing for bankruptcy. Last year, the company began making a comeback, starting off with a trio of peripherals- the trusty keyboard, mouse and headset combo. Now, Mad Catz is …

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Mad Catz is officially back

Two weeks ago, a mysterious teaser hit the web claiming that a certain peripheral maker was ‘back in the game’. At the time, we assumed that this had meant that Mad Catz had managed to claw its way back from bankruptcy and now it seems that those assumptions were indeed …

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Logitech is the brand new owner of Saitek


Saitek looks to be going home after nine years under the Mad Catz banner. For a price of $13 million, the entire Saitek brand has been sold to Swiss peripheral maker Logitech, which while not insignificant, is less than half of what Mad Catz paid in 2007. Founded by Swiss …

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Mad Catz dropped as maker of Rock Band 4 peripherals

Last month, we learned that peripheral maker, Mad Catz, was facing tough financial times following on from lower than expected sales of Rock Band 4. Mad Catz created the controllers and co-published the game but now, Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band 4 is apparently parting ways with Mad Catz …

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Mad Catz execs resign ahead of financial report

If you are a PC gamer, then you have probably heard of Mad Catz, the peripherals maker has been responsible for plenty of well-received products over the years. However, it looks like the Mad Catz team has fallen on hard times following its co-publishing deal with Harmonix for Rock Band …

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