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Philips to launch 32-inch 8K monitor in 2018

Last week we learned that Sharp was going to be ushering in the age of 8K TVs this year but it looks like monitor makers are also chasing higher resolutions. 4K is only just starting to take off but we have already seen Dell launch an 8K screen and now in 2018, Philips will be joining the club with a 7860×4230 resolution panel of its own.

The monitor is specifically called the Philips 328P8K and as the name suggests, it is a 32-inch monitor. With that running at full 8K you would get a whopping 275 pixels per inch, so you will have a lot of screen space to play around with. That said, as we have seen with 4K on smaller display sizes, scaling will likely be required for more comfortable viewing.

Image Credit: Anandtech

The panel runs at 60Hz, so everything should feel fairly smooth but this obviously isn’t intended as a gaming display. GPUs won’t be able to handle gaming at 8K just yet and on top of that, there is no FreeSync or G-Sync support to help smooth out frame pacing. For graphic design and video work though, this 8K screen should work wonders.

Not only would you have a ton of space of productivity but you also get 100 percent Abobe RGB and sRGB colour space and 178 degree viewing angles. HDR is also supported, though it won’t be the HDR 10 standard we are seeing widely supported at the moment. Instead, Philips is listing this as ‘HDR 400’ which essentially means it hits 400 nits brightness, which is a long shot from the 1000 nits brightness required for HDR10.

Pricing and an exact release date are yet to be announced. You can see some first impressions and additional images on Anandtech’s demo write up.

KitGuru Says: Dell’s 8K monitor sits around the $4000 mark, so I imagine the Philips panel will be priced similarly when it eventually launches next year. For me though, 4K will do just fine for the foreseeable future. Are any of you currently planning your next monitor upgrade? What resolution are you aiming to jump to?

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