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Wavemaster Mobi Speakers review

With some mobile speakers available for a lot less than £10, Wavemaster’s decision to move up market and position Mobi closer to £20 means that the packaging needs to look and feel right. This is something that they have nailed. Although only slightly bigger than the speaker itself, the hard shell looks like it will take quite a beating before your Mobi suffers and transit damage.


While the speaker is supplied with a simple pouch, most people will be throwing these speakers around their luggage etc, so the build quality of the Mobi is a definite plus-point. Specifically, it would take a significant accident to damage the speaker itself through the metal grill.


For transport, you can ‘click’ the control section (which houses the power button and USB charging port) inside the speaker unit itself. When ‘open’, the pop-up design increases the internal volume of the speaker unit, which Wavemaster claims increases audio quality and depth.


The claimed charge life for the Mobi’s integrated Li-Ion battery unit is 10 hours.

The charging cable is the standard Micro-USB connector that everyone would get with a Samsung, Blackberry or Nokia phone – so the chances of being able to ‘charge on the go’ are hugely increased. If you are out and about a lot, there’s a good chance that you will have a USB charging cable that plugs into a mains plug interface, or maybe you ride a bike. We shot each Mobi next to these items, to give you an idea of scale.


Overall, the look and feel – from packaging to controls and the multi-function light – is great. It is not the smallest mobile speaker on the market, but it will slip into your pocket/luggage and the larger size should, in theory, mean better audio quality.


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