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Divoom Voombox portable bluetooth speaker review

I will be putting the Divoom Voombox through its paces, checking sound quality, battery life, water resistance and wireless performance via Bluetooth.

The Voombox is extremely well-built and feels like a solid product which you would expect given the weight of the device. For the tests I shall be taking a look at Bluetooth range, battery life, charge time and of course, sound quality.

To kick things off, I listened to various genres of music and even a few podcasts through the Voombox for a few days. Overall sound quality is good, with plenty of bass packed in for such a small speaker. However, things do start to drift off at louder volumes.

At high volumes, the Voombox begins to distort a little in tracks with lots of bass and can’t quite deliver a rich full sound, instead sounding quite harsh, particularly in the high-end. At normal listening volumes, the speaker can compete with the best in its size class but don’t expect to fill the house with sound.

Vocals come through nice and clear and acoustic instruments produce detailed, warm sound. This speaker handles most genres of music very well, it is just a shame that quality starts to dip at higher volumes.

Battery life is important for any portable device and I am pleased to report that the Voombox holds its charge very well. I used the speaker for several hours at a time over the course of a week before needing to recharge. The only downside is that it takes about three hours to recharge from flat.

Using the speaker wirelessly, I was able to get around five to six meters away over Bluetooth, which isn’t a bad range. Sound quality remained consistent and I did not experience any sound drop-outs over this distance.

While some Bluetooth speakers on the market are waterproof, like the recently reviewed UE MEGABOOM, the Voombox is merely ‘weather resistant’, so we won’t be dunking this speaker in a sink of water. Weather resistant means that it can withstand outdoor conditions but may not hold up if you abuse it over time. I wouldn’t take this product in to the shower with me for example but you probably could get away with sitting it on some wet grass.

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