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Apparently DirectX 12 won’t be coming to Windows 7

AMD's chief gaming scientist, Richard Huddy, has said that Microsoft's new low-level rendering API, DirectX 12, won't be coming to Windows  7 users. DirectX 12 isn't due out until the end of next year so Microsoft has yet to officially reveal operating system compatibility itself.

The new API is pretty much guaranteed to hit Windows 10, considering that it is releasing after April next year. It is also pretty likely that Microsoft won't alienate Windows 8.1 users. However, it looks like Windows 7 users may finally have a reason to upgrade. In a presentation at PDXLAN this month and uploaded by Sapphire, AMD's Richard Huddy said:

“52 percent of all people who use Microsoft operating systems these days are still using Windows 7, and that number is going up. It's a very very popular operating system and one thing that's not going to happen to it is DX12, DX 12 is not coming to Windows 7”.


[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_3OAD-Dhs0&feature=youtu.be&t=20m50s']

He continues to say “if you want the benefits of a DX12 style API, the way you will go is use your games that are delivered on Mantle”.  The video then goes on to show Huddy state that Mantle and DirectX 12 are not competitors and denounce any sort of conflict between the two.

Microsoft has yet to comment or confirm this statement but considering that the company is desperate for users to upgrade from previous versions of Windows, it wouldn't surprise me if they did try to persuade gamers with DirectX 12 compatibility.

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