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Batman: Arkham Knight had its PC specs changed just hours before launch

Batman: Arkham Knight, the finale in the Rocksteady trilogy of Batman games launches in just a couple of hours. However, in the last week it seems that Warner Bros has had a bunch of last minute troubles, with the Collector’s Edition of the game being cancelled entirely and the Limited Edition being delayed. Now, just a few hours before launch, the game’s PC system requirements have been changed.

Whatever is going on over at Warner Bros, it doesn’t give off a great vibe with all of these changes being made at the last minute. As first spotted by Gameranx, just a few  hours ago, the Batman Arkham Knight PC minimum requirements were updated just a few hours ahead of launch.


The minimum requirements aren’t that different from the ones we saw a few months back but they now include AMD graphics cards. However, Rocksteady has warned that “there are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards”.

The Nvidia minimum GPU requirement for Batman Arkham Knight is a GTX 660, while the AMD requirement is a Radeon 7950, which is significantly more powerful than a 660, so it definitely sounds like there are some optimization issues going on.

Obviously the main point here is that AMD users were only warned of these changes a few hours before launch, which means lower end users who may have pre-ordered the game may no longer meet the system requirements to play and worse yet, may encounter plenty of performance issues. It is no secret that Arkham Knight is an Nvidia Gameworks title either, which adds to the recent controversy surrounding Nvidia’s technologies, which have been implemented in more and more games recently.

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KitGuru Says: If you are an AMD user planning to play Arkham Knight, then please do let us know how the game performs for you as from the sounds of it, little effort has been put in to optimizing this title for Radeon GPUs, which could be a big concern. 

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