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Crytek UK developers were only paid £700 last month

We already know that Crytek seems to be in financial trouble, the company has reportedly cancelled its sequel to Ryse Son of Rome after the Xbox One launch title flopped and staff are leaving left, right and centre. It turns out that the developers currently working on Homefront 2 haven't been paid properly for nearly three months.

Developers working at the Crytek UK studio were only paid £700 last month, a sum that would barely cover rent for a lot of people. Employees were supposedly told that a deal was being made with Deutsche Bank to try and secure some money but that has been delayed. Currently, staff are expected to be paid tomorrow on the 27th of June but a Develop Online source claims that “this now looks like it won't happen either.”


The Crytek UK team is currently making Homefront: The Revolution, the team used to contain 90 members but 40 of those have left and according to Develop's source, these salary issues have “added to that number”.

Hiring new recruits is also becoming an issue as people are leaving faster than Crytek can replace them. However, according to Develop, thanks to Ryse 2's cancellation, members from the Crytek Frankfurt team have moved over to work on Homefront.

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KitGuru Says: A lot of what we're hearing about Crytek at the moment is hearsay, there's a lot of anonymous sources involved. However, if this is all true, then things don't look good for the company. What do you guys think of the current state of Crytek? It is a shame to see them decline like this. 

Source: Develop-Online

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