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EA to re-establish ‘player first culture’

EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, has been making an effort to turn around the publisher’s image this year, admitting to mistakes and claiming that changes are coming. These changes have yet to really come in to play as game development is a long process but Wilson is looking to assure gamers that the company will begin to re-establish the ‘player first culture’.

In an interview with Polygon, the CEO commented on what what goals he has for the future: “The first is to re-establish a player-first culture in the company. The focus is on the player and the people enjoying the entertainment you produce. That is the most important thing and I want to get back to that. Every person at EA has to accept responsibility for deepening and nurturing the relationship with the player.”


Other goals for the company include pushing digital games and services, while also making sure that games are up to par before release, citing the recent delay to Battlefield: Hardline as a prime example.

EA has also been putting a lot of effort in to its Origin PC service recently, offering 24 hour refunds, free games and free game time for big titles like Battlefield 4 and Titanfall.

Fifa aside, EA has one more big game launch scheduled for this year: Dragon Age Inquisition. This will be the first chance we get to see the publisher’s new philosophy in action.

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KitGuru Says: Gamers are often bitter when it comes to EA but we shouldn’t be pushing for a company to fail, EA owns a lot of quality studios and hopefully, we will see a turn around in the publisher’s business practices. What will it take for EA to win back consumer trust? Do you think its reputation can be repaired over the next year or so?

Source: Polygon

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