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Seagate unveils world’s first 2.5-inch 4TB HDD with 800GB platters

Seagate Technology on Wednesday introduced Samsung Spinpoint M10P hard disk drive, which features 4TB capacity and 2.5”/15mm form-factor. The drive will initially be used inside the company’s external HDD products, but HDDs based on the same leading-edge platters will address other applications eventually. Seagate, which acquired hard disk drive manufacturing …

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Seagate readies 2.5-inch HDD with over 2TB capacity

Seagate Technology late last week revealed plans to introduce a 2.5” hard disk drive with over 2TB capacity. The company did not reveal any additional technical details about the product, but said that it would be released in the next couple of quarters. “Our 2TB 2.5-inch [hard disk] drive still …

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Showa Denko to enable 10TB HDDs with eighth-generation PMR media

Showa Denko K.K., an independent producer of platters for hard disk drives, has announced its first eighth-generation perpendicular magnetic recording platters for HDDs. The first eighth-gen media is aimed at hard drives in 2.5” form-factor and has 750GB capacity. Toshiba will use such platters for its latest 3TB 2.5” HDDs. The …

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Toshiba launches largest-capacity 2.5-inch 3TB HDD

Toshiba Corp. has introduced the world’s highest-capacity 2.5” hard disk drive. The offering can hold 3TB of data and sets up a record, however, the drive may not be suitable for mainstream laptops. The Toshiba MQ03ABB300 hard disk drive with 3TB capacity is based on four perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) 750GB …

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