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Some Intel Arrow Lake-S CPUs may not be based on Intel 20A

Intel has already shared some details about the upcoming Arrow Lake-S platform. We know this hybrid architecture will use a new desktop socket (LGA1851), which should be based on the forthcoming Intel 20A process node. However, recent reports suggest that while some will be, others will use a different node. …

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AMD “Sound Wave” APU to be based on a 3nm process node

Recently, a data mining website that specialises in LinkedIn profiles of employees from semiconductor firms discovered that one of the profiles contains a list of five unreleased AMD codenames. Although most of them were already known, one is new. That's “Sound Wave”. According to Gamma0burst (via Wccftech), AMD plans to …

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Intel CEO denies 3nm delay rumours

Earlier this week, a report citing supply chain sources claimed that Intel had deferred a chip order with TSMC, sparking rumours that upcoming products, like Arrow Lake processors, would be delayed. Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently had the opportunity to refute that rumour directly.  As reported by Tom's Hardware, speaking …

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TSMC starts construction of 3nm fab

After its previous $4 billion investment to meet the demand for 7nm and 5nm, there are reports of another $19.5 billion from TSMC to build a new 3nm factory in Taiwan by 2020.  TSMC has been one of the companies at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing, investing in factories for its …

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ASML readies equipment to produce 5nm chips

We do not know exactly when companies like Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. make their first chips using 7nm, 5nm, 3nm or 2nm process technologies. But we do know what should happen before leading semiconductor producers manufacture their new chips using ultra-thin process technologies: ASML should sell …

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