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be quiet! Advent Calendar giveaways are in full swing

Every year a lot of companies – ourselves included – give away some great prizes to loyal fans around the Christmas period, and be quiet! is one of the most altruistic of the bunch. Once again it’s launched its advent calendar initiative, giving away great gear every week. This week it’s …

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2K teases ‘perfect world’ future in Advent

The future world of Advent is a perfect one, or at least, thanks to ADVENT technology, it nearly is. Due to gene therapy, it’s said that disease and illness are all but eradicated, but not all is well in this idyllic future setting. The spit and polish appears to be …

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Win prizes with BeQuiet and Kitguru before Christmas

In a partnership you haven’t seen the likes of since Sam and Frodo, Batman and Robin or Sterling and Katya, Be Quiet and Kitguru have teamed up (with Blizzard too) to give away some great prizes every week until Christmas, making yours that bit more techy. Sticking with the festive …

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Advent Vega Android Tablet released via PC World

The Apple iPad Tablet is in a market that many manufacturers are longing to get into. Unfortunately for some, this has proven to be more difficult than they thought. The Advent Vega Android tablet has been released with the nVidia Tegra 2 chipset onboard, you can now buy it from …

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