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Tabletop gaming artist Wayne England has passed away

Wayne England, one of the most iconic tabletop gaming artists of the past few decades, has passed away. Known for his illustrations in Warhammer rule books, on the pages of White Dwarf magazine, Dungeons and Dragons manuals and Magic the Gathering cards, England helped define the artistic style of many …

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Kojima snags Metal Gear veterans for new studio

Hideo Kojima's unceremonious end to his three decade career at Konami is a big deal, as it means that for the first time in his career, he'll be making a game without the people that helped make the Metal Gear series so iconic. But not so fast. Some of those …

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Jay-Zs tidal dumps its second CEO

When Jay-Z and his fellow well known, well compensated artists gathered earlier this year to re-launch the HD music streaming service, Tidal, you wouldn't have thought that just a few months later the company would have gone through two different CEOs. But that's exactly what's happened, as interim CEO, Peter …

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Jay-Z’s Tidal service is bombing already

When Jay-Z and a number of other high profile artists relaunched HD streaming music service Tidal at the end of March, it came complete with a sanctimonious video of artists explaining to each other just how downtrodden they were by the music business and how much better Tidal would be. …

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Anti-piracy app shows how little labels pay artists

A new app developed between British lobby group UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aaardman Animations, known as Music Inc, was released to try and show gamers the impact that music piracy has on the industry, but in reality just showcases how little it is labels actually pay their …

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