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UK Dungeon Keeper ad banned for misleading customers

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Dungeon Keeper advert after ruling that it mislead customers and shouldn't be called a free game. The investigation came after a user complained that the advert omitted significant information. The advert in question said: “GET DUNGEON KEEPER ON MOBILE FOR FREE! … …

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HTC One follow up leaked by UK Judge

A few weeks ago we posted an article on the Nokia VS HTC Patent case but yesterday it took a turn for the worse with the HTC One Mini being banned in the UK. This led to the HTC One successor being discussed in court. In the official ruling, Judge Richard …

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Google Glass wearer made to leave a Seattle restaurant

Nick Starr, a network engineer from Seattle, was made to leave his local diner because he was wearing Google Glass. However, according to him, he had eaten at the diner several times before while wearing his Google made spectacles. Starr shared the events of the night through Facebook: “We begin …

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